Organ Donor-ship should continue to be a matter of personal choice in Australia

Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation. I believe that Organ Donation should continue to be a matter of personal choice in Australia because it’s your body and you should have the right to make that decision whether you donate an organ to someone else.  Do you want someone else deciding what happens to your body? Making the decision to be an organ donor can save the lives of ten people and also significantly improve the lives of dozens more. In Australia there are waiting lists for life saving organ transplants. The decision to have your organs removed should be up to you though, not the government or the hospital. Organ donation registry was established in 2000. Each year Australia has seen a rise in the amount of people choosing to donate organs over the past 12 years since the organ Donation registry began. In 2000 Australia had 190 donors and this meant that 650 recipients benefitted from these donors. In 2004 Australia had 218 donors and this meant that 783 recipients benefitted from these donors.  In 2012 Australia had 354 donors and this meant that 1052 recipients benefitted from these donors.  These statistics show that Australians are choosing to donate their organs and don’t need to be forced to make this decision. Each year the number of donors is increasing. Another reason why Organ donation should be a matter of personal choice is because of religious reasons. In many religions people believe that Organ and tissue donation is an act of neighborly love and charity by these denominations. They encourage all members to support donation as a way of helping others.  But in some other religions it is against their beliefs to donate any organs to others. In Australia if the law was changed so that it was compulsory for all families to donate the organs of a deceased family member this would be seen as illegal to some religions that ban organ donation. It is against a Gypsies religion to donate an organ because gypsies believe that for one year after a person has dies retraces its steps and all parts of the body must be intact because the soul maintains a physical shape. When a family member dies in an accident or of disease it is a very emotional time for the family and they should have the right to decide for themselves what happens to the family member’s body. It would be very distressing if the hospital just took the body away and told them that parts were going to be taken out of it. The other side to this argument is that there are not enough organ donors at the moment and many children and adults are dying while they wait for an organ donation. When someone dies there family is asked if they will allow the organs to be donated. It is important that families discuss this issue before these types of decisions need to be made. Organ Donation should be a matter of personal choice because it’s an individual’s body and they should have the right to accept or decline whether they want to be put on the list of being an organ donator and have body parts removed. We have seen that many people have legitimate religious and emotional reasons for not being on the organ donor list and we should respect these.  It is true that there are many people waiting on the donor list that may even die before they are able to get a new organ but that doesn’t mean that we should be forcing people and their families to do something that should be such a personal choice. Would you be happy having body parts removed against your will? 


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